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He has completely changed for the better

My Son has been going to Bestgrade for the past 2 years. Before starting he was always nervous about schoolwork and had very little self-confidence. Under the steady guidance of teachers now he has completely changed for the better.

Mrs Khan

Made a great difference to my son’s learning

My son started with Bestgrade because he lacked confidence with Maths and English. Over the last 6 months I have seen a great improvement in his levels of confidence and motivation. The support and approach teachers provide has made a great difference to my sons learning.

Thomas - Y10

GCSE Success

George: Maths A*, Chemistry A*, Physics A*, English A*, Statistics A* Gursimren: Maths A Tulay: Chemistry A, Biology A Mary: English Literature A* Mariza: Chemistry A, Maths B Matas: ICT B, Maths C Improved 2 grades up Eeruj: Maths A Melanie: Maths B James: English B Brindha: Maths B Kamal: Maths - B, Statistics - B, Science - C, English C, Improved 2 grades Esther: Maths B Kheeatee: Maths C, Improved 2 grades up Jacqueline: English C, Improved 2 grades up


Now she is in higher set…

My son has been attending tuition from year 8 and he has managed to qualify for the higher set for Mathematics and Science at the end of year 9. Now he has a huge potential to do well in her GCSEs. - Mrs Khan

Mrs Khan

Mock exams helped her lot….

I found that my child has few more areas to improve after sitting for the mock exams. She managed to improve her Maths after focusing on those areas. - Mr Patel

Mr Patel

He is more confident now…

My son felt rather confident after sitting for set of mock exams. It helped him to sit for the actual exam with confidence - Mrs Yin

Mrs Yin

Excellent 11 Plus coaching

Our older son Safin passed his entrance exam thanks to the excellent coaching. Our younger son is well on the way. strongly recommended, very experienced, professional and helpful. 11 Plus programme helped us to achieve full potentials” - Mrs Haque.

Mrs Haque

Very happy to find this institute!

My Son in year 2 has been attending classes at Bestgrade Tuition and I am very pleased with the progress he has made so far. He very much enjoys and looks forward to coming to his classes - Mrs Molnic

Mrs Molnic

Fun ways to learn maths

I like maths because teachers show us lot of fun ways to learn maths. I like my teacher and she is helping me to learn.

Aksa - Year 7

We are very supported…

"I like the friendly atmosphere here and the fact the teachers are really close to the students. We are very supported in our studies.” - Jessica (Year 10)

Brandon (Year 10)

Easier to learn things

“I enjoy it because it’s easier to learn things with the techniques and methods explained to you.” - Gina

Gina - Year 6

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