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AS Level Tuition

Hourly Rate: £20 - £30

Our AS Level programme offers a wide range of subjects.

In addition we can offer single subjects to those who are unable to do such subjects at school due to timetable restrictions or ineligibility. This programme is also ideal to students who have only been allowed to take BTEC at School however would prefer to attempt an A Level Subject. In such circumstances, We will conduct an initial assessment and may require academic scripts of GCSE before enrolment.

Options available to AS Students


  • one-year course, to complete AS Level qualification,
  • individual subjects combined with A Levels,
  • individual subjects combined with GCSE Maths and/or English,
  • individual units (Subject to specification availability).


Entry is usually from September with duration of one Academic Year. Students join the course during September and take the exams the following summer. Student must be minimum age of 16 years to join this course and requires GCSE or equivalent qualification to be eligible. Those who do not have relevant GCSE qualification can do GCSE Intensive programme before joining the AS Level. The options can be discussed at the initial consultation with the advisors.

For information about taking exams as a Private Candidate please click here to find out more.

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