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GCSE Retake / Resits

We offer tailor-made GCSE retake courses for students who need to improve their grades. As we do classes in the evenings and weekends, you can study with us while doing  A levels or college.

Most GCSE subjects currently require an element of assessed coursework or practical test done under controlled conditions and marked by the teacher. It is very difficult for a private candidate to get an exam centre to help them with these components. We have experienced teachers and examiners who ca help your to improve your grades.

You can sit for all GCSEs subjects in June or the Mathematics and English GCSE exam is in November. We also provide IGCSE exams that can be sat in January and June.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us for more information.


GCSE Private Candidates

As a private candidate taking GCSE exams you may be studying completely independently, you may be having some instruction privately or by correspondence course, or be in some other situation. If you are receiving help with your studies your tutor may be able to help you on the administrative and course requirements. We help where we can, but it is your responsibility, to see that all administrative requirements are met. All courses differ in their requirements and they differ from each examination board.

Please visit your external candidate registration services for more information related to retake GCSE as a private candidate.

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