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Private Candidates – Examinations

If you are interested in taking your exams early or looking to retake the exams then you can register with us as a Private Candidate.

Students who require examination entry to subjects or levels which are not currently supported by their school or college, or students who have been excluded from school are able to sit their examinations with us as a private candidate.

We can guide private candidates on a full range of examination services for most examinations at GCSE, IGCSE (Edexcel or AQA) and GCE (AS/A2/ “A Level”) qualifications. We can help you to register for exams with AQA, Edexcel, OCR, or WJEC boards with approved examination centre.

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Apart from GCSE and A Level exams, we offer guidance on AEA and STEP Maths exams as well as a range of University Entrance Exams (BMAT, ELAT, TSA, HAT, MAT, PAT, OLAT, MLAT).

It is essential to ensure that private candidates fully understand the specification requirements and format of the examinations that they are expecting to take. Details can be found on the boards’ websites. If in doubt candidates may discuss this with one of the advisors at Bestgrade Tuition before registering. Please note it is the responsibility of the candidate and/or their parents or guardians to ensure entries are correct and that procedures are followed for the completion of the course and its examinations.

In order to register as a private exam candidate you are not required to follow a course at our centre. However, for those who require academic support before the exams, we provide a number of private tuition services at all levels and in range of subjects. One-to-one tuition in one or more subjects is the ideal way for learners to improve in that subject or subjects to help them in preparation for their examinations.

In order to register for examinations with us, please visit or email to All courses differ in their requirements and they differ from each examination board. Therefore we will call you for an interview/meeting to discuss your exact requirement.

Fees may vary on subjects and the examination board. Contact us for further information.

If you have any questions call us on 0800 772 3464 or Text us on 0777 121 2929