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11 Plus Mock Exams

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11 Plus Mock Exams at Bestgrade

We have been conducting 11plus Mock Exams in London and Essex for over 15 years and is undoubtedly one of the leaders in this mock examination for eleven plus, facilitating larger number of learners to achieve success in the actual test.

The mock exams consist of two full length papers (multiple choice) 1 hour each. The subjects areas covered are, Verbal Ability, English Vocabulary, Comprehension, Maths Numerical Ability and Non-Verbal Reasoning as per the CEM exam format.

Here at Bestgrade Tuition, our primary goal is to support and guide students so that they can reach their full potential. Along with regular hour-long classes in small groups (5 student average per class), we have a strategic mock exam series in place, designed to help your child with overcoming exam day nerves, building confidence in their answers and perfecting exam techniques simply through study and practice. These mock exams will highlight any aspects of exam conditions that may cause children less experienced in the examination process to feel uneasy and prepare them for the real thing.

By having regular mock examinations, we at Bestgrade Tuition are able to keep a careful eye on the progress your child is making, allowing us to see for ourselves the specific areas each individual student might be struggling with and focusing on these. The test papers are designed to cater for the new changes made for the 11 Plus exams.

For over 15 years we have helped children to build their confidence through personalised, guided teaching wherein the student always feels like he or she can ask for explanations or assistance from an experienced tutor on hand. This knowledge is then put into practice during our mock examinations – a chance for the student to prove what they have learnt and how they have improved themselves.

During the class hour and additionally during the Intensive Programme classes, subject areas where students struggle are quickly identified and worked on so that the build in confidence levels in regards to the exam is always on going. The scheme of work we deliver for Eleven Plus students is regularly updated and checked in accordance with the requirements of the new Year Five and Six curriculum; our test papers are often partly comprised of past papers from previous Eleven Plus exams so that students truly get to experience what it will be like on the day.

At the heart of Bestgrade Education is constant innovation and improvement. We never stop adding, tweaking and improving our product; it is essential in what we do.

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