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Year 3 – 11+ Preparation Programme

Hourly Price: £10

Year 3 is the perfect stage to make sure that your child has solid foundations for 11+ (Eleven Plus) grammar school entrance exam preparation.

Maths and English are the two core subjects to be focused at this level. However, children are required to improve their skills gradually on Verbal Reasoning and/or Non-Verbal Reasoning at early years. It is also the time where you should establish a good working relationship with your child to encourage them for exam preparation.

Class Structure

Every 11+ group class session is two hours where your child will spend an hour with an English teacher and another hour with a Maths teacher. English session will cover the English Language topics, Verbal Reasoning topics and Creative Writing activities. Creative writing activities are focused on improving children’s creative writing skills, language and writing performances. Maths session will cover Mathematical topics and Non-Verbal reasoning topics.

Each week will have a set topic and average teaching time will be two hours which includes a mini test/recap on the topics covered previously.

Home work

All students are required to complete given homework for each week. Teachers will usually mark homework. Additional homework can even be marked by parents by login to our online learning system ( where you can find answer sheets for the given homework.


Feedback will be given at the end of every session, every week by teaching staff. Parents will have an opportunity to meet the teachers at the send of the sessions for feedback and to discuss any concerns related to the learning process.

Progress tests

There will be a progress test at the end of each school term (every 6 weeks). After the progress test, a progress reports will also be provided, by highlighting your child’s strengths and weaknesses, including targets for next term.

Based on the progress, we can arrange additional support or learning programmes to bridge any learning gaps.

Class materials

All the class materials, progress tests, mock exam papers, assessments, parental guidance sessions are included within the course fees. Once registered with us, additional books and online resource can be purchased at discounted rates.

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