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History is a fascinating subject, where you can explore the past and it’s impact on today. It builds critical thinking and investigation skills which will benefit you both in higher education and as a life skill.

Exam code: 9HI0

Delivery method: Online

A level duration: 360 hours over 24 Months

Entry requirements: No prior qualification needed

Award achieved: Pearson Edexcel  A-Level History

Awarding body: Pearson Edexcel

This great A Level will engage you and open up doors to further learning opportunities.

Tutor support

Our A Level courses come with tutor feedback and support by email for 24 months. They will mark your TMAs and provide valuable guidance through any trickier parts of the course whenever you need it. You will also receive a study guide to help you with all aspects of studying, essay writing and general student skills.

  • Developing an enthusiasm for History
  • Use the concepts learned in a variety of contexts
  • Develop a critical and enquiring approach to the study of History
  • Acquire an understanding of historical study for example that history is concerned with the judgments based on available evidence and that these judgments are provisional
  • Develop you use and understanding of historical terms concepts and skills
  • Organise and communicate your historical knowledge and understanding in different ways


A Level History Online Course

The Pearson Edexcel A-Level History qualification is gained once all 3 exam papers are successfully completed along with coursework which is worth 20% of the final grade.

These exams are administered by Pearson Edexcel. As a private candidate you will sit your exams in an exam centre such as a school, college or private tuition centre.  

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In addition, if you select the added tutor support there will be a number of tutor marked assessments (TMAs) to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the content, with the tutor sending comments to guide you through any areas of potential difficulty. This will ensure you are prepared for the final exams.

All e-books contain a range of self-assessments that are indicators that you understand the materials as you work through them. These are for your own information.


The course is primarily an online course using a Learning Management System (LMS).

The online course has many features that cannot be printed such as embedded videos, forums and interactive tests.

The course includes Tutor Marked Assessments which you access and submit through the online system.

Course Outline

This course is divided into the following:

You must sit three examinations and submit a piece of coursework:

Paper 1: Breadth study with Interpretations – Russia 1917-1991 From Lenin to Yeltsin

Section A: One essay from a choice of two

Section B: One essay from a choice of two

Section C: One compulsory essay (source-based interpretations)

Exam length: 1 hour and 30 minutes, 30% of A-Level

Paper 2: Depth Study – Mao’s China 1949-1976

Section A: Question based on two pieces of source information provided (Compulsory)

Section B: One essay from a choice of two

Exam length: 1 hour and 30 minutes, 20% of A-Level

Paper 3: Themes in breadth with aspects in depth – Protest Agitation and Parliamentary Reform in Britain 1780 to 1928

Section A: Two part question based on two pieces of source information provide. Compulsory

Section B: Depth essay – one essay from a choice of two

Section C: Breadth essay (Targeting long-term change over 100 years) one essay from a choice of two.

Exam length: 2 hours 15 minutes, 30% of A-Level

Coursework option: The Cold War its development and its demise (1945-90)

Coursework requirements. Produce a detailed essay of approximately 3 to 4 thousand words on the subject matter above, with suggested questions provided. Student can break this into sections of write it as one continuous extended essay.

20% of A-Level

Course Content

This A Level is divided into four units:

Unit 1:

Russia 1917-1991: From Lenin to Yeltsin

Unit 2:

Mao’s China 1949-1976

Unit 3:

Protest, Agitation and Parliamentary reform in Britain 1780-1928

Unit 4:

The Cold War, It’s Development and it’d Demise 1945-1990

Mock Exams:

Your online course contains mini assessments at the end of each chapter. However, if you wish to sit a Mock Exam before the finals, we can arrange that at the centre or online. Mock exam fees are additional, and they may vary from £25 to £50 per paper.  

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Final Exams:

Roughly 6 months before your chosen exam date, you should book your place at an exam centre to take the final exam exams for A-Level Certificates.

Advanced level qualifications (known as A levels) are subject-based qualifications conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education, as well as a school leaving qualification offered by educational bodies in the United Kingdom. The exams take place every summer (May/June), and results are released in August.

Please contact us on 02033028140 or visit our exam centre website for more information and guidance on how to book your final exam

Your exam fees aren’t included in the course cost as they’re paid directly to the exam centre. They’ll vary depending on which centre you choose. It is recommended to book your exams will in advance to avoid late booking fees. Book your exams now!

How to Enrol: 

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A-LEVEL History EDEXCEL Online Course
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